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House Meeting 04/30/07
 he_slytherin - (rhiandemidova)
08:08pm 30/04/2007
Rhian Kalista Demidova posting in Home of the Hogwarts Express House Slytherin
Here is a log of the meeting, as promised.

The Slytherin Common room is full. More seats and chairs have been brought in to hold everyone. The prefects are gathered together talking quietly, but its Rhian who ends up clearing her throat and starting the meeting. She moves toward the fireplace and waits for everyone to grow quiet. "Thank you all for coming. I intend for this meeting to be short, sweet and to the point. If you have questions, please hold them until the end."

Romuald Creeper sits in his favorite chair near the fire sipping a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey. The books he usually has beside the chair have been packed away in anticipation of the house meeting. As Rhian begins to speak he sits up straight in his chair to listen attentively.

"It has come to our attention, as prefects, that more than one student in this school has been docked points for disrespect of a Prefect. One of those was in our own house." Rhian looks over the gathering. "It stops. It stops today. It stops now. We will accept no more of this. No more disrespect for Authority Figures. Be it professors, Prefects, Head Boy or Girl...anyone."

Romuald's eyes shift to one side in an effort to look innocent. An effort which falls somewhat short of perfection.

Blaire is here to help Rhian lead this meeting. "Anyone caught disrespecting anyone from another house, and especially an authority figure will be punished. Points will be taken, detentions handed out," she says, contributing. She's normally the energetic Prefect, the one who doesn't do anything Prefecty. But well, something has changed recently and she stands in front of the house with the other Prefects very seriously. She glances back to Rhian for the other girl to continue.

"Any more points lost to the House for picking fights or disrespecting authority will be a one way ticket to a meeting with Professor Svartrunir." Rhian takes a deep breath, nodding in agreement with Blaire. "That said..." She relaxes some. "What the H*LL is wrong with you guys?? We are /Slytherins/. You guys aren't idiots!! Don't pick fights with prefects. For MERLIN'S sake, don't pick fights with the /HEAD BOY/ no matter how you feel about him. Tease anyone you want. But be SMART. Be SUBTLE. Be CUNNING. NO prefects around. None. Got it?"

If anything resisters a look of comprehension in Rom's expression it is the words 'no precets around'. At that phrase the blond boys eyes turn slightly upward, as if making a mental not of the advice. "Got it," he echoes.

At mention of feelings for the Head Boy, Blaire scowls. Darkly. A look she most certainly never has. "Or portraits," she adds. She doesn't care if the Head Boy is getting crap right now, even if she has to pretend to in front of Professors. "We're smarter. Like Rhian said, be cunning. Be smarter."

"Good points. Or portraits. Or gargoyles. You guys are smart. You know this. I know you do.." Rhian looks around the room. "I have one more thing to say, then you can ask questions. And we're done." She looks around the commons, not at the people, but the room itself. The walls and the sconces and the fireplace. "When we came to Hogwarts, we were all told about Houses and what they mean and stand for. Our successes were House successes. Our failures, House failures. We were all lucky enough to be sorted into this house. Slytherin. The child of Salazar Slytherin. We are, whether we like it or not, no matter our blood, adopted into a huge family. All Slytherins, across all generations, are our family now too. Slytherins, great and powerful, cunning and determined. All of them came through this Common Room. Slept in our beds. Had a favorite chair before this very fire. Their memories and successes and failures echo through these very stones. When we are gone from here, what kind of echoes do we want to remain? What greatness are you going to leave behind? Think about that in the coming days. Ponder it. And ponder what you are going to do about it."

Romuald sits quetly and ponders those words carefully, considering the long line of Syltherin forebears, and wondering which one of them might be responsible for the grafitti above his bunk.
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