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Slytherin Victory Party Log
 he_slytherin - (romuald_creeper)
06:51pm 10/05/2007
romuald_creeper posting in Home of the Hogwarts Express House Slytherin

Slytherin Common Room
A long and wide chamber, with a low ceiling, the commons of House Slytherin is warmer than any other dungeon room. Even so, it remains on the chillier side of comfortable; few would feel particularly inclined towards loitering in shorts and tee shirts. But though it is drafty, it has been comfortably furnished with leather armchairs and couches, foot stools, coffee tables and heavy, ornately-woven carpets. Hangings of thick, velvety fabric help to insulate what warmth is provided by an immense fireplace, and numerous paintings of austere, venerable alumni of the House adorn the walls. Light comes from enchanted sconces and torches mounted upon the wall, and the flames hold a distinctly greenish tinge to them.

Numerous doorways branch off of the common room, leading into the private chambers of the House's few Prefects. Two archways located on opposite sides lead into spiralling stairwells. One is the passage into the boys' dormitories, the other into the girls'.

Since the small after-game party last night the commons have since been cleaned and re-decorated. Anyone coming in and out of the commons today would have seen Blaire and others decorating the larger room. By the time evening gets here it has been transformed. One of the study tables has been covered with a cloth and more than enough food to feed the entire house. It is all of course party foods, not the typical food they get in the Great Hall. Some of Blaire's homemade candy is of course among the mix. The ceiling is covered with green and silver streamers that are twined together and magically held up. There is confetti suspended in the air and balloons floating around. Music is playing as well and one of the fifth years has volunteered to be DJ for the night.

Romuald Creeper is never shy about approaching a snack table, and tonight is no exception. A plate hovers beside him which he quickly loads with an assortment of treats from the table, seemingly favoring the less sugary items among the wide variety. A mug of butterbeer joins the plate in following him to his favorite stuffed chair near the fireplace.

Maxi makes his way in, looking between the others present and grinning a little. "Oh, party time," he remarks, before making his way over to the food, and loading up a bit of it. "Lovely decorations," he remarks.

Blaire is talking to the DJ to make sure he has enough music to play. He seems to be all set. The red head is dressed down for the evening in low-slung jeans and a simple green v-neck sweater. She's headed to the snack table like so many others. She grabs a plate and starts to fill it up, taking a butterbeer once her plate is full. "Thanks," she says in response to the comment about decorations, whether it was directed to her or not.

Romuald examines a cream cheese stuffed toadstool from his plate, the pops into into his mouth with a nonchalant grin. "Has anyone checked on Annie?" he asks no one in particular. "I was thinking we should send her a bucket of ice, compliments of the team."

Maxi grins a little as he listens. "Who knocked her out?" he asks. Evidence that he didn't attend the game, perhaps?

Blaire giggles, "I haven't yet, no, I'm sure someone has though. But ice would be hilarious. We could send some candy too maybe." She munches on one of her cookies, moving to the side a little so everyone else can get to the food as well

"Rickon beat me to it," Rom replies to Maxi. "We were both deadly on the bludger though. You should have seen me put the smack down on Riordan." He sips slowly on his butterbeer as he continues. "But really, the whole team played like precision clockwork. Better than we've ever done in practice. I think we wanted it more that they did, and we took it."

"We played so well together, definitely. We've never played that well together before." Blaire pauses just long enough to drink some of her butterbeer. "I can't wait to play beater again. Keeper isn't bad, I mean it was nice blocking all those goals, but I liked playing beater and chaser better. More action. I get bored so easily otherwise," she says happily. "But man if we keep playing like that..."

"Practice paid off, then?" Maxi asks with a grin. "Good work."

Romuald nods as he finishes of an almond cookie, "Practice and determination, and a touch of senseless brutality. That's the best part of playing beater. But Blaire, you should think about trying out for seeker. Not that there's anything wrong with Connor, but with your hand-eye coordination you'd be a natural at it."

"I've never played seeker, though," Blaire tells Romuald. She shrugs a bit. "I wouldn't want to push Connor out of his position though. I'll do what the team needs. I'd just rather not get stuck playing keeper my last year like I did this year," the Prefect tells the others. "I dunno, maybe I'll consider running for captain again. I was captain before I became prefect. I just wasn't sure I could do both. I think it would be okay though." Blaire seems like she is starting to return to her normal excitable self because she's grinning brightly and talking quickly.

Maxi chuckles as he listens, "Well, if I was more of a physical sports person, I'd be trying out as well," he offers.

"You could always try for Rickon's position next year," Rom suggests, "He'll be graduating so I'm sure he won't mind. I don't think anyone else has shown an interest in it yet. But then we'd need to find a good keeper."

"Yeah. I used to beat with Rickon. But then they needed a chaser, so they moved me to chase for a few years until this year," Blaire tells Rom. "I joined the team when I was in my 2nd year, so I've been on it for a while. And yeah, guess it all depends on who tries out for the team. Have to do some recruiting. I think I may run for captain again," she muses happily, eating more sugary treats and washing them down with butter beer.

Maxi goes back to eating in quiet, as he looks around and listens to the others.

"I wonder if Scrounge would be interested in Keeper," Rom muses. "And then there's Corbin, she's shown some interest in playing, but she's still very young."

"Yeah, he may. Have to see at tryouts. Keeper hopefully shouldn't be that hard of a spot to fill." Blaire finishes her butter beer and sets her plate aside for now. "I think we should get some dancing started."

Rom giggles, "I heard from Kitty that Maxi is a wonderful dancer, but you have to drag him out onto the floor. I think, he's shy," the younger boy teases.

"C'mon, both of you," Blaire says, pointing a finger at each before doing a little 'come hither' mother with each finger. Then she turns and starts toward the center of the room. She climbs on top of the coffee table. "Hey James! Put on something we can dance to!" she yells to the kid handling the music. He puts on...disco. Not that is seems to bother Blaire, she just starts to dace on the table, doing cheesy disco moves.

Maxi blinks a little at the mention of dancing. "She said what?" he asks, after a few moments. Blinking a little. "No, I dance about as well as a log, sadly."

Romuald sets aside his butterbeer and his tray of snacks and hops up onto the table with Blaire. He can't lose points for it the Prefect told him to do it, right? Although his dancing education has been strictly of the formal ballroom variety, he manages to display a few moves he learned over the summer, although his posture is a bit stiff for the style.

As the music changes Blaire simply shifts her dancing to match it. She seems to have no problem dancing in front of people like this. She's not he best dancer out there but she isn't horrible either. She's just groovin' to the beat and laughing as she does so. When Rom joins her she turns to face him, making a goofy face. A bunch of people on the floor around them are dancing now too.

Maxi shaking his head at the dancing people, before he moves over to join them, with a bit of a shrug. Or at least stand near, and move to the beat once in a while.

Once he gets a feel for the beat, Romuald relaxes and his dancing seems to flow a bit more smoothly, though he certainly isn't going to win any awards for this performance. But what he lacks in skill he makes up for with wild enthusiasm.

The next song that comes on is the macarena. Who knows how the Slytherins got that muggle song, but it's playing and everyone seems to know the moves except for a few first years. But older students are showing them and if they want they can follow Blaire's moves. Blaire is also singing along.

Romuald follows along as best he can for the first few rounds. But the dance is fairly repetitive and soon he is stepping right in time with Blaire atop the table. "You know, we should start our practices this way, to get us all working together on the same beat," he says, snapping his fingers.

Maxi continues moving along with the music, shaking his head as he listens to, and watches the others.

"Yeah, we should,"Blaire agrees with a laugh, placing her hands on her hips before clapping and jumping to face the other direction. Blaire and Romuald are dancing on the table in the center of the room and a bunch of other Slytherins are dancing around them. The macarana is on right now. There is a table to the side with food. There are balloons and confetti suspended in the air and streamers hanging from the ceiling.

Rom stays right in step with Blaire on the jump-turn, totally into the rhythm of the song now and letting his inhibitions melt away with last of the daylight. "Whoa... macarena," he sings, mostly on key, as Rhian makes her late appearance to the party.

Blaire is singing loudly, along with at least half the house. They're coming to the last round now and Blaire is going all out in her movements.

Romuald is fairly bouncing now, whether from excitement or the dancing or everything combined. The table beneath him and Blaire begins to shake as the song reaches its crescendo.

Blaire and Romuald are dancing on a table in the center of the common room. A bunch of the other students have congregated around the table and started to dance as well. Off to the side there is a snack table with all sorts of unhealthy goodies. There are streamers, balloons and even confetti. And then the macarena is over. How sad. The red head stops dancing for a moment, grinning over at Romuald while they wait for the next song. It's not a professional DJ after all, so of course there will be flaws. When the music does come on it's Abba's Dancing Queen. Blaire laughs, starting to dance again and sing along. She wiggles her hips and puts her arms above her head as she dances. "You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life. See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen." She may not have the best voice, but she doesn't have the worst either. And she's just being silly, so it is unimportant.

Finally, the fearless leader shows up for the party. She comes in through the arch, finished with her patrol and looks about the commons. Woo. Party in full swing.

"Now if I had known there was a party..." Rickon's voice floats in from the entrance to the dungeons as the tall redhead strolls in, his hands hidden inside his robe but one red eyebrow arched lightly as he watches the dancing. "I assume this is a celebration for the match eh?" He asks as he notes the streamers and the music. He smiles though, smirking lightly towards the dancers on the table.

Romuald steps delicately off the table with an apologetic smile for Blaire. "Sorry, but this song belongs to someone else," he says, and turns back to his stuffed chair, where his snack tray, still half full waits for him. "Your turn," he nods toward Rickon, "she's working her way through all the guys on the team."

"I've had this party planned for over a week now!" Blaire says over the music, still dancing. When Romuald departs she grins at him, "Not a dancing queen, Rom?" she jokes. "C'mon now, Rickon, get up here and dance with me!" she says, giggling and moving her hips as she turns in a circle on the table. "After all you are the Dancing Queen, are you not?" she teases. At Romuald's last comment she simply waggles her eyebrows playfully at both boys.

"I /have/ been busy my dear," Rickon replies with a slight smirk as he unfolds his arms and strolls towards the table. A glance up towards the lady on the table and he shakes his head. "Get up and dance with you eh? I have no idea just /what/ your dancing you know Bee." He adds idly, then a smirk as he shakes his head. "Actually I'm the Ladies Man if I remember my jersey correctly." He smirks, though he doesn't jump up on the table quite yet. At Romuald's comment though he raises an eyebrow. "...is she now?"

"She is," Romuald says. "Best to establish your place in the pecking order early, don't you think?"

Blaire dances her way over to the edge of the table and offers Rickon her hand. "Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. Not jealous are you?" She looks amused by the entire thing. More importantly she looks like she is having a good time. "Now come dance with me or the song will be over." She keeps her hand held out for him, wiggling her hips a bit as she starts to sing again. "You're a teaser, you turn em on. Leave them burning and then you're gone. Looking out for another, anyone will do. You're in the mood for a dance," she sings, trying not to giggle as she does so.

Alfie comes in through the entryway, his orange muggle backpack slung over his shoulder, as is usual. He gets a genuine grin that turns up both corners of his mouth as he sees Romuald and Blaire upon the table. "Oh, bother," the black Slytherin remarks. "Now I'm going to have to figure out something to do to top _this_, and it's still _early_ yet." Keeping the appearance of his joke, he dejectedly sulks toward the Boys' Dorms to change clothes.

Yes, having a good time is quite important. Rickon though sighs and shakes his head, though a smile quirks up his own lips as he takes Blaire's hand and takes a step up on the table. "...I'm going to regret this." He murmurs to himself as he stands there watching her wiggling there and he rolls his eyes. "...this..." He says profoundly, though he looks somewhat amused. "...is not a song to waltz too."

"Regret this? Never." Blaire grins brightly at her friend as she helps him onto the table. "No waltzing," she says with a shake of her head. Reaching over she takes his hands if he lets her to help him dance. She stands a few feet away from him, still wiggling her body around to the music. If she is able to take his hands she'll do her best to lead him along with her. "It's much better," she giggles. "Less rules," she adds with a smirk. And then Abba is gone. The next thing to come on is Car Wash!

Romuald shakes his head at the change of music, its a good thing he isn't trying to keep up with that. He lets his snack tray occupy him for the moment, washing down his selections with generous gulps of butterbeer as he catches his breath and waits for Alfie to return. He's heard rumours of the black Slytherin's legendary dance routines and he sits eagerly awaiting his friend's reappearance at the party.

"Less rules eh?" Rickon replies with a rueful smirk as he allows his hands to be taken. "That sounds a bit like you..." He adds after a moment as he allows himself to be lead for the moment at least in this song that he has no idea what to do with. Not one to learn how to dance to muggle music he is.

"I'm not a big fan of rules," Blaire agrees with a mischeivious smirk. There is very little rhyme or reason to Blaire's dancing. She's moves her hips, she moves her arms, she spins around. Occasionally she rolls her body. It's usually all to the beat though and she's smiling while she dances. She doesn't sing to Car Wash, but she doesn't stop in her dancing. Don't you love being on a table dancing in front of nearly your /entire/ house Rickon? It's fun, isn't it?

When Alfie emerges from the Dormitory, the reason he was gone for so long becomes clear: he was getting into clothes that better suited the mood. Wearing a very tight black cotton shirt that shows off the definition of his rather skinny frame, along with trousers that were probably viewed as somewhat snug even for the 1970s, he walks slowly back into the Common with a manner suggesting he thinks at the moment that he's quite an impressive spectacle. For some, that might be true. For others, he's at least half right. Still, his swagger is interrupted when he catches the chords of the song being played. "Cripes, not _Car Wash_," he groans, walking over near to Romuald. "Isn't this rather a cruel thing to do to the Firsties?"

Corbin slips into the commons from the dungeons, pausing halfway into the room and blinking in surprise at the sight of... people dancing on tables? Huh. The girl peers at her housemates for a long moment, appraising them and absently tucking her practice wand into the bookbag at her side, before finally coming all the way in and trying to sneak toward the steps to the girls' dorms with a small grin. She's still in her robes, rarely leaving the world of Slytherin in anything else, and /does/ have to get rid of her books before she at least stays in the same room as the celebration and music.

At least Blaire is keeping her clothes on, Rickon though just shakes his head at her antics, finaly stepping towards her and settling one hand on her hip and the other hanging more or less loose at his side. "Might as well make this look good eh?" He whispers towards her before dropping into a rhythm that at the very least matches with her. Not that he's even done anything like this before, but of course its somewhat similar to a few different latin dances, and he can adapt that.

When the music comes to an end though, Rickon ends the set with a dip (but no kiss) and a slight smirk before stepping away and giving her a slight bow. Then without a word he steps down smoothly off the table and smirks over towards Alfie. "I think your up." He says lazily as he strolls away from said table with a smile on his face.

Car Wash finally ends and on next is Get Down Tonight! Because that is what the Slytherins are doing tonight. Well, a less dirty version. They are getting their party on though.

"It's a cruel thing to do to anything with ears," Romuald quickly agrees with Alfie. "But never mind that, its over. Now go face the music. Blaire won't let you rest until she christened the table with you." He shoves his friend toward the table with a wide satisfied grin."

At that comment from Romuald, Rickon breaks into a bark of laughter on his way away from the table.

"Let's see what we've got here," he says, and, at that moment, a startling (perhaps, to some) transformation occurs, for as the plunky first notes begin to play for 'Get Down Tonight,' Alfie snaps both of his fingers together, does a quick spin on his heel and slides one leg over just enough to give him leverage to lift himself up onto the table, landing on his opposite foot and turning toward Romuald. He begins to dance, and this is apparently something about which the black Slytherin youth has no reservations, because he dances with abandon, visibly forgetting himself and any pretense of propriety, swaying at the hips, slowly movements that truly mesh with the steady groove of the song. He's got a big smile, too.

Blaire /always/ keeps her clothes on, Rickon. Always. She giggles as Rickon dips her at the end of their dance. There is a smirk on her lips to match his own. She winks at him as he hops off the table. "Yup, you're next Alfie!" she says with a grin, waving the boy up. When he's up there and the new song comes on the red head starts to dance, this time following the boys movements. She's laughing happily as she dances, watching the boy beside her to make sure they are on the same beat. Not bad for a white girl, huh?

Even from his seat Rom can't help but bop along with the music, even joining in vocally on the chorus as the song begins to repeat itself, "Do a little dance, make a little love, Get Down Tonight!" His eyes follow Alfie as he tries to make some sense of the older boy's wild gesticulations.

As the song comes to an end, Alfie does a quick spin and brings his arms close to himself, as if he were completing an intricate tango. "You may worship me now," he says toward the 'crowd.' To Blaire, he offers an overstated bow. "You dance divinely, milady," he says, his left arm beneath his chest pressed up against his frame. He rises again, sweat on his forehead. He was working hard. He turns, clearly willing to continue the dance as long as there are people up there with him. "Put on something _challenging_, then," he says, sounding quite good-natured despite the words.

Corbin pauses a moment to watch Alfie and Blaire atop the table, eyes widening just a touch. "Wow," she murmurs, a hand raising to hover about her lips. Song ended and girl released from the charm of watching the duo dance, she turns and darts down the stairs. Escape! For the moment, anyway.

"As long as everyone worships me more!" Blaire says to Alfie. "And thank you." The next song that comes on is Stayin' Alive and Blaire apparently is not planning on getting down. Not just yet. When it starts up she spins around striking a pose, laughing at herself. Then the real dancing starts. She's not working that hard, she's just up here to have a good time. Forget her troubles and everything thing like that.

With another change in music, Romuald sets his snack tray aside again and jumps into the thick of the crowd, bouncing along to the beat and grinning like a fool. Studies can wait, tonight he's staying alive with the other snakes, and determined to have as much fun as the prefects will let him get away with.

And when the music changes Blaire finally decides she is in need of another butterbeer. She takes a bow, giggling and leaps off the table. Yes everyone, that is your Prefect. She moves through the dancing crowds back to the snack table. And it is back there she will be for a while. She'll be here all night though, dancing, singing, socializing, and of course making sure there is order.

Corbin meanders her way back up, though she stays off to the edges of the party. She's more the watching type than one to actually do anything that might be construed as celebrating. No, she doesn't dance, or nod her head in time to the music - which she doesn't seem to recognize, anyway.. She's just kinda.. there. At least she seems happy enough watching.

Alfie looks as though he is about to dance to 'Stayin' Alive,' but he doesn't. He looks out at the crowd of dancing serpents, and narrows his dark eyes. He stops dancing on the table. "Now, this won't do," he says, apparently to no one in particular, and jumps down off the table, slipping through the crowd toward Corbin, affecting a half-bow. "Madame?" he asks, with a lopsided grin. "I believe I owed you a dance?"

From his place in the thick of the crowd, Rom looks over at Corbin with a smirk as Alfie approaches her. "Come on," he encourages. "Scrounge won't bite. Unless you pay him extra." With a laugh he disappears back into the throng of dancing Slytherins.

Corbin's eyes widen at Alfie's sudden fixation, and she eyes him almost mistrustfully as he approaches. Coloring very faintly, the girl stares at the bowed boy, and then the table he so recently lept from, and back to him - trying to stab Rom with a halfhearted glare and a stuck-out tongue on the way. "I'm /not/ dancing on a table," she informs him matter-of-factly, before lowering her voice into a quiet admission. "I don't dance, though, Alfie. I don't listen to music."

The red haired boy working as DJ for the house party changes the music yet again. With a glimmer of recognition, Rom weaves his way through the crowd up to the table there he accompanies the familiar stomp-stomp-clap of We Will Rock You along with most of the rest of the students. The noise is almost certainly loud enough to disturb whatever Ravenclaws might still up at their studying, or brooding over their recent humiliation on the pitch.

Alfie moves to take Corbin's hand into his, if she'll let him. "You don't have to dance. Just let me do that. All you have to do is be adored for a moment. I trust that won't be a problem?" He says this all very quietly to her, close to her, obviously giving her an escape should she really prove to be too timid in this matter to dance with him. "And you don't have to get on the table, either."

Doubt flashes on the first year's features before they settle into an almost defiantly intent. Slipping her hand into Alfie's, Corbin gives a quick nod and an even quicker smile. "Of course it won't be," she responds with a toss of her long dark curls. Despite her disinclination, she does seem rather at ease now that she's made the decision to follow Alfie's lead. "As long as there are no tables involved."

For the moment the table is occupied by Romuald and a couple of other rowdy third years who are still stomping and clapping their way through the song. There is a sudden burst of shout from all of them as they reach the lyric, "somebody's gonna put you back into your place! We will, we will, ROCK YOU!"

Of course, even though there's not really any cause for it in the song, Alfie pulls Corbin into a gentle twirl as he brings her toward him. And then, he's slowly and carefully leading her in an easygoing dance. As he's more about having fun in this situation than actually trying to accomplish anything balletic, he simply leads with easy grace, guiding Corbin through the movements. He's no expert in waltzes or tangos himself, obviously more about the groove than the substance of his style. He makes her the star of the dance, though, pulling away to give her plenty of opportunities to feel the princess about it
all if she so chooses.

Corbin is lost, at first, actually dancing to such a song, but after a few twirls at Alfie's hands she's laughing along with the rest of the house. The young girl is still rather self-conscious and has some trouble letting go of it, but enjoyment makes her eyes sparkle. One of Alfie's turns leave her watching Romuald and the others on the table for a couple beats, and she's shaking her head and chuckling under her breath. "How long has it been since we won a match?"

The song begins its slow transition into We Are the Champions, and Romuald unpacks his air guitar for the occasion, his fingers twirling unseen knobs as he tunes up and then gets down to jamming along with Freddy Mercury. "I've paid my dues..."

Alfie continues slow movements, doing a slow turn around Corbin while holding her arm over her head, guiding her into a slow circle. "Milady, I _would_ like to take this opportunity," he says, speaking smoothly, though he doesn't resort to his abandoned upper-class accentuations, "to tell you how honored I am that you've graced me with your presence this evening." He bows his head, dark braids flopping over his forehead. When he lifts back up, the braids resettle in their proper place.

Corbin, mid-snicker, quiets when her dance partner speaks. Her steps falter a little and then still as the girl stops dancing. "Um.." she murmurs, a little tense, before relaxing and shaking her head with a small laugh. Tilting her skirt up as she curtsies, Corbin rolls her eyes almost affectionately. "The pleasure is all mine, kind sir," she responds half mockingly. Upping onto her tiptoes, the girl smooths Alfie's braids back and laughs again, turning to eye Rom's antics with an arch expression. "You guys are all completely crazy."

Rom is too busy having fun to notice Corbin's critique of the performance. When the song reaches its climax nearly every voice in the dungeon is singing along, "WE are the champions, we ARE the champions, no time for LOSERS, 'cause we are the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!" The over enthusiastic Romuald smashes his air guitar against the table and then dives into the chanting crowd of Slytherin revelry, to be passed hand over hand toward the perimeter, where Alfie is dancing with the raven-haired firstie.

Alfie draws Corbin around toward his best friend. "Don't mind him," says the black Slytherin Fifth-Year. "He's just happy because we've actually _won_ for a change." He grins, both corners of his mouth turning upward in a genuinely happy look. "And to answer your question, it's been since I was in my second year, so... I think, 1977 or so." He laughs silently, twirling Corbin slowly as if she were a ballerina. "It's been too long is what it's been."

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